Over the years we’ve partnered with various businesses to implement life changing initiatives in various communities. One of the most recent and most inspiring projects is the construction of an 18 chamber girls toilet block at Chizungu Primary School in Epworth underwritten single-handedly by Zimnat Insurance- a leading local company which is determined to make life better for Zimbabwean’s around the world. The school has an enrollment of over 2200 students- i.e. over 1000 girls who prior to this project were largely using the pit latrine ablutions shown in the pictures at the bottom of this page. We aim to abolish pit latrine ablutions through Zimbabwean schools with the help and commitment of more companies like Zimnat Insurance. We have been involved in many intiatives since 2008. For more of our founder’s CSR work please visit www.lisachiriseri.org







NAME OF ORGANISATION Fund A Child’s Education Zimbabwe – FACEZ Project


REGISTRATION Street Exit Strategies Trust Deed  No. 644/2b010


PROJECT TITLE Improving the learning environment through development of healthy hygienic sanitation facilities and clean energy sources for rural and peri-urban schools


PROJECT SUMMARY This project will provide key facilities for the improvement of school facilities in poverty stricken, rural and remote locations across Zimbabwe.


PROJECT CONTEXT Many Zimbabwean schools have managed to master the art of baking their own bricks and fundraising for their cement and roofing. This project will however address  a glaring need that remains;

Proper ablution facilities and access to power to run the school facilities. Most schools operate on the blare toilets/ pit latrines which continue to be a serious health and safety risk; and secondly, most schools in our target area experience heavy load shedding or have absolutely no access to electricity even though they have computer labs equipped with computers donated in the past.


PROJECT GOALS 1.      Build safe, healthy child friendly ablution blocks for schools in peri-urban and rural locations

2.      Provide clean, sustainable energy source for powering a minimum of one computer class and administration block in peri-urban and rural schools

3.      Create a source of income for the school through providing solar powered charging services (cell phone and battery), and WiFi to the community at a cost.



TARGET AREA The pilot project will be run in the peri-urban area of Epworth, Harare Zimbabwe at a School called Chizungu Primary School.

Thereafter the project will be duplicated in the various provinces around Zimbabwe.


TARGET BENEFICIARIES Chizungu Primary School students where over 120 FACEZ beneficiaries attend primary school. Less than 30 are now still in the primary school with the rest having moved into high schools around the area over the years.

Chizungu Primary statistics:

–          Over 2200 students enrolled

–          Hot seating schooling program

–          Indoor and outdoor classrooms

–          Pit latrines in use for students, two regular toilets for staff

–          Over 700 students struggle to pay school fees every term

–          One computer class with approx 20 computers

–          Constant power outages experienced


Images of the Chizungu Primary School above


Ø  Engage community to provide technical and labour support (SDC, PA, Local Board) where possible, which will be led by the main contractor  and form part of the building committee.

Ø  Plan for construction (include solar powered pump borehole costs if particular school does not have a borehole)

Ø  Solicit donations of finishings (tiles, paint, toilets and basins) from local companies if project is not underwritten by one company.

Ø  Construct the ablution block

Ø  Officially open the new block


ü  Tender the contract to install solar system to local solar companies

ü  Due diligence assessments on their products, guarantees and warranties,

ü  Select contract winner

ü  Install the system

ü  Training of staff on system use


EXPECTED RESULTS/BENEFITS Ø  Reduced water hygiene and sanitation related illnesses among students

Ø  Reduced health and safety risks for students

Ø  Improved educational experience for students

Ø  Creation of jobs for the community.


ü  Improved access to ICT learning / or in some cases completely new creation of ICT conducive facilities

ü  Improved operational efficiency for school administration offices

ü  New income streams created for schools which will be used for further development of the school.


INNOVATION ABLUTION BLOCK project strategy involves the local community as well as the business community. These partnerships will be reproducible in all locations always involving the local and business communities in the city or vicinity for CSR.


SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS project will be an investment as well as a donation as it will create new revenue streams for the schools that will be collected to fund the many other needs arising in the institution. E.g. all revenues could be collected towards a building fund which will systematically see to the extension of classroom blocks, painting, windows etc.


ORGANISATION BACKGROUND FACEZ is a non-profit project founded by Lisa Chiriseri in 2012 to build a powerful local based education fund that assists marginalized and under privileged children to attain a brighter future through access to education, holistic support and improved learning facilities.



Lisa Chiriseri is passionate about seeing more serious CSR initiatives develop in the local business sector as well sustainable development public private partnerships between deserving organisations and committed philanthropists and responsible citizens. She works hard to ensure that obscure, unknown but essential organisations/ charities/ institutions access the necessary exposure to potential funders and support for them to continue with their good work.



Lisa Chiriseri

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