FACEZ Education Fund was established in June 2012 and is registered under Street Exit Strategies Trust (SES) (founded by Miss Chiriseri in December 2009) (NOTARIAL DEED 644/2010). SES Trust is an organization which works to rehabilitate people living and working on the streets. The FACEZ Education Fund project was birthed by Miss Lisa Chiriseri as a measure to reduce the number of children resorting to a life on the streets due to economic hardship. She partnered with co-founder Miss Rumbidzai Manzou to establish the education fund. The FACEZ project was approved and registered with the ministry of education in 2012 and works with relevant government and community stakeholders to meet its goals. The Education Fund which begun with a pilot project sponsoring  16 children in Epworth in September 2012 has currently grown to provide long term sponsorship to over 150 children through local philanthropy to date. FACEZ assists children from economically challenged backgrounds with school fees and other educational related needs.


  • Increased access to education for all in the targeted areas to drive the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Reduced dropout rate of children in the targeted communities.
  • Increased stability in the learning environment of the beneficiaries.
  • Increased self knowledge, self esteem and confidence in the beneficiaries through mentorship, counselling, exposure and life skills coaching.
  • Empowered families through guardians trained to generate sustainable income through entrepreneurship, life skills and vocational skills training.
  • Increased local philanthropy and responsible citizenship.


  • Equality
  • Stability
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Local giving and volunteerism
  • Community Impact


  • To provide tuition,  levy and exam fees, as well as other education related support for our beneficiaries.
  • To provide consistent guidance and mentorship to our beneficiaries.
  • To improve the well-being and academic functioning of our children.
  • To facilitate business and vocational skills training for unemployed family members of our beneficiaries.
  • To provide a clear avenue through which any Zimbabwean can contribute towards our beneficiaries thus increasing local philanthropy.