FACEZ receives its financial support from companies locally and abroad that have realised the importance of adding education to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolios; as well as young professionals, students and individual families that have realised the importance of giving back..


Tucana Health and Health Risk Management

4D marketing

Devere Group

Aquirium Trading Pvt Ltd (Gweru based)

His Presence Ministries International church

Peterhouse incorporated (UK based)

Team Xtreme team-building and coaching company

Afriasia Kingdom Zimbabwe Ltd

Star Fm

Nyaradzo Group

LEGACY international School

Bonvie Health Insurance



In 2012 the FACEZ pilot project sponsored 16 children at Chizungu Primary School with school fees for the third term to the value of $400 while having raised funds of over $800 to cover running, mentorship and open day costs.

In 2013 FACEZ sponsored fees for the entire year for 39 children at Chizungu Primary school, 16 children in Melford Farm through MEST Foundation at Chiweshe Primary School and Nehanda Primary School, 10 children at Mawunga Primary School in Ascot, Gweru and 9 different children from various independant referrals and ‘walk in’ cases. The approximate value of the sponsorship provided in 2013 for the 75 children was $4505 excluding the costs of running, mentorship and the open day which were raised separately through the founder, the board and specific institution support partners.

The Rest is history; today FACEZ has supported over 150 children with tuition fees, exam fees, uniforms and all the other areas mentioned in our objectives. We have raised over $100k in 2018/19 to support one of our larger projects including the construction of 18 chamber toilet block that caters for over 2200 students at a school in Epworth.



Our funding focus


As stated in objective number 4 – FACEZ exists to nurture local philanthropy and cause more Zimbabweans to realise that they have and must use their capacity to help the less fortunate in our nation thereby complementing and sustaining the great work of international aid organisations.


We also look forward to receiving organisational funding which will build capacity for the Education Fund. Having greater capacity will allow us to raise and sustain more local philanthropy and simultaneously reach more children without diluting our holistic, child and guardian focused support approach.