Our Core Business

ACCESS TO EDUCATION through financial assistance. We believe that every child deserves education regardless of the financial situation of their family, their current academic performance, their race or religion or their birthplace or ethnicity. Therefore although we do conduct thorough interviews for beneficiaries our selection criteria remains largely focused on NEED. “Education is the basic right of all children; not the privilege of the few” – Ban Ki-Moon

CHILD DEVELOPMENT and psychosocial support through mentorship programs. Our mentorship program and life skills training focuses on addressing the various systems that feed into and affect the individual; including social, health, spiritual, physical, physiological and academic factors. This mentorship involves learning through fun and interaction, professional Christian counselling and regular home visits and check-up calls. It also includes regular mentorship of our children’s’ guardians who are the custodians and biggest influencers of our children. It is said that “Education alone does not guarantee success” we therefore strive to add holistic value to give our children a successful education experience.

EDUCATION TOOLS SUPPORT there is nothing more demoralising and retrogressive than being in school without having what you need to ‘be in school’. Our children lack many things from books and stationery to school socks, winter uniforms and book bags. Packed lunch is a privilege while things like coloured pens and crayons are other-worldly. We wish to change such conditions and give our children every tool they need to enjoy and succeed in their education journey.

EXPOSURE through interactive and stimulating activities including CAREER and TECHINCAL skills exposure and FEILD TRIPS to companies, corporations, factories and cultural centres which will cause an entire shift in the perspective, dreams, aspirations and self-belief within our children. FACEZ is also creating opportunities for INTERACTION WITH HIGH PROFILE INDIVIDUALS and societies role models. This is to encourage, uplift and inspire our children through success stories and testimonies; instilling in them the belief that they too can achieve greatness. We desire to see the children we care for do far better and beyond that of the ‘privileged’ peers of their generation. We aim to see each of their lives becoming a testimony and motivation to those following behind them.

Our Work

GUARDIAN EMPOWERMENT (G.E) through skills transference programs. We acknowledge that death, disease or disability is not always the cause for guardians’ failure to provide for the children left under their care, but sometimes rather just lack of knowledge and support. Our G.E. programs aim to combat joblessness and/or create other streams of revenue for struggling families by equipping able bodied, suitably aged guardians and/or older siblings of our beneficiaries with a skill they can use to generate an income. This is done through partners who provide relevant training, induction information and where possible small scale project financing advice in areas like poultry, piggery and horticulture among others.   Where we support one child we must accept that there is often an entire family in need of things we cannot afford to continuously give and give. We therefore aim to give each family the opportunity to reach a point where they can afford for themselves that which they need and then eventually grow support other families too.

GROWTH through corporate partnerships and institutional capacity building. We provide the channel through which companies can administer holistic educational scholarships that will take children through entire educations, transforming their lives and brightening the future of Zimbabwe. We aim to be active across the nation in the next five years and therefore aim to increase our organization in size, capacity, professionalism and geographic presence. We exist to aid and compliment the efforts of the government and other similar organisations towards the fulfilment of SDG ‘basic education for all’. We believe that such a goal can only be met when every individual, family, group, company and community consciously works together accomplish the goal.