Sponsor a child

We welcome once of donations as well as long term sponsorship partners who wish to see a child through their primary and/or secondary and tertiary education.


FACEZ has direct and indirect beneficiaries.We directly support children who fall within the following categories

  • Primary school going age at the time of engagement
  • Single parent or double parent Orphaned
  • In families affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Parents incapacitated by illness
  • School drop outs
  • Abandoned
  • Referred or corroborated by a credible source (welfare, school officials, district offices etc)

We indirectly support children who fall under our community foundation partner organisations. FACEZ founder Lisa Chiriseri runs a community foundation under her CSR consultancy which ensure that many obscure poorl capacitiated but genuine causes receive access to local funding and networks for assistance in their various initiatives. See www.lisachiriseri.org for more details.


FACEZ currently assists families in

Epworth, Mufakose, Hatcliff – Harare

  • Ascot, Gweru
  • Melford Farm, Goromonzi
  • Gumtree, Bulawayo

Aside from Epworth which was selected by the founders as a starting location, our geographic expansion is based on the location preferences of our local corporate sponsorship partners who may sometimes choose to support  children within their vicinity as part of their community development strategies for CSR.


FACEZ aims to take the children as far as their academic performance will allow starting from their primary education which is a basic child right.

Our selection criteria focuses mainly on the need of a child. We conduct one on one interviews with the child and with their guardians to assess the level of need taking into consideration number of dependants under one roof, existence of parents or foster parents, supportiveness of extended family, health and employment status of parents or guardian, health status of the child and family members, past payment records at the school and past attendance and academic performance record of the child among other factors.

We verify our selections with various departments which take care of the welfare of children in each of our areas of operation including the District Education Office, District Admisitrator’s Office, the Local Board committees and Social Services department. This is done in an effort to identify the most deserving children, avoid duplication of beneficiaries in several different aid organisations and for accountability purposes.